Small local businesses and websites

Why Small Businesses in Nottingham need a Website

What Chant 4 Web Design can offer small businesses in Nottinghamshire

The number of times we have heard potential clients tell us that they donít need a website as they are in one of the major directories is almost astounding. The fact is that all businesses need a website and that includes those who may not think so.

Whilst solicitors and accountants in Nottingham may accept the logic of having a website, those such as tree surgeons, one man painter and decorators and local couriers will also benefit from having one.

What sort of website?

Most of these clients, when considering having a website, think of the likes of Amazon or the BBC, and, to have a site like this would most certainly be overkill and would also portray them as being larger than they actually are. Whilst this can have its advantages, it can also lead to unrealistic expectations from customers.

The reality is that a simple website is all that is needed. Whilst single page websites may be considered, we generally advise our clients to have a minimum of 4 pages to ensure that the site is considered a serious one by Google.

It isnít actually that hard to fill 4 pages. Typical ones may consist of a homepage with an introduction to the business, a contact page, a services page and possibly a testimonials page if you are an established small business.

Cost of a small business website

A major concern of any small business, of course, is the cost of their website. This is quite natural but a website should not be thought of as a short term thing and should last you for a number of years. Once the site has been designed and is up and running, unless regular and major updates are made, which is rare with smaller sites, the ongoing costs should be minimal and largely revolve around hosting costs which, at Chant 4 web design of Nottingham, we consider to be very reasonable.

So, once your website is up and running, you will have a potentially massive new audience to use your services and, especially, where your service charges are reasonably substantial,, the cost of having a website designed can be recouped very quickly indeed.

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