Does Having a Single Page Web Site Really Work?

One Page Websites

Why a single paged website may actually work for you.

One key reason why a lot of people are interested in having a single page website is that they expect it to be cheaper. Whilst this is usually the case, it is rarely proportionately so. For example, if a 5 page website costs 325, then many people would expect a single page website to cost 65.

However, a large part of the work involved in building a website is in its design; the addition of extra pages generally takes less time and therefore the cost of a one page website is likely to be significantly higher than the 65, depending on the exact requirements and amount of content.

Reasons NOT to have a one page website.

The biggest reason of all not to have a one page website is that it is very likely going to be ignored by Google and will therefore not be found in their search results. Even if it is indexed, it is very likely to be seen very low in the results. The bottom line of this is that nobody will see it.

For a business too, a single page website simply looks unprofessional and will be more likely to leave a negative impression than a positive one. For small businesses or sole traders, we strongly recommend that you at least choose our budget option if you are looking for a website.

Reasons Why a One Page Website CAN Work

No, we are not about to contradict ourselves here. The fact is that having a single page website CAN work in certain situations. The most obvious one of these is for a one off event. Say, for example, you were hosting a small garden fete or similar and wanted a way to let people know about what was on and relevant information such as prices, children's facilities etc.

Naturally, this may well not turn up in Google's search results but if you have a large following on social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook or Google Plus, you can promote the link to your event page. You can also do this by email of course without the need to add an attachment or fill your email with lots of copy which is likely not to be read.

If you are interested in a one page website, we are happy to help. Prices will vary dependent on the content that you require adding so please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements.

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