Cheap web design does not mean poor web design for our customers

What do I get for 325?

Cheap web design should not mean poor quality

Obviously, for 325 it is unreasonable to expect the latest in web technology or a site like Amazon or Ebay for example. We do hope that potential clients recognise this and only contact us with genuine enquiries.

What we offer for 325

For 325, we offer a basic 5 page website. These pages may include things such as information about the company, testimonials, service details etc. We are happy for one of these pages to be a small image gallery if required. However, any more than 10 images will have to be quoted for extra.

We are happy to quote for additional pages and as most of the work involved in designing a website is in the design, adding an additional page or two may not be as expensive as you think.

What do you need from me?

In the first place, simply contact us at or complete the form here with your requirements and we will confirm whether this would fall into the cheap design specifications or what the likely cost would be if not. There is absolutely no obligation at this stage.

Additional Costs

We will stick to our quote provided that the specification stays as requested. We will always let you know if you have asked for something which will add to your cost.

There are however a few extra costs which are worth noting here.

Hosting Charges

We can host your website for 35/year, invoiced each January. Hosting will be quoted pro rata when you enquire.

Domain Registration and Renewal

A free or domain is included in the quote, however a .com etc will incur an extra 15 as these are more expensive. This registration is for two years. At the end of this period you will be contacted to see if you wish to renew the domain.

Site Updates

Because our budget sites do not include a CMS, you will need us to do any updates that are needed ie extra pages added etc. Any updates will be invoiced, usually monthly at 35/hour.

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