Static or CMS Websites?

Static Website or CMS/Wordpress Site for First Timers

Static Websites Still Have an Important Role to Play

Once upon a time, if a client wanted to update their website themselves, they would have to pay a large sum of money for a CMS (content management system) to be written for their site. Some third party sites attempted to make this easier but it wasn't until Wordpress came along that it really took off.

There is no doubt that Wordpress is quality, but how much do you really need one?


Wordpress sites all start from a basic design and are then tweaked by the designers to look unique and original. In this sense, they don't really vary a great deal from static html websites.

The main question that a client should really consider before making a decision about the type of site to have is how regularly they are likely to update their website when it is done. Realism should play a big part here too as intention often doesn't translate into action and if you are only going to do an update once a month or so, then having a Wordpress site for this purpose may be a little over the top.

Occasional Updates

At Chant 4 website design in Nottingham, we have taken the decision not to create Wordpress sites and to focus instead on creating simple static sites that are especially suitable for small businesses and those dipping their toes into the world of the internet.

For these clients, we can arrange to update the site for them simply by the client emailing us the desired changes. Although there is a small cost attached to this, if updates are only being done occasionally or regular updates are minor, this is likely to prove a more cost effective method of updating the site.

For those who are likely to be updating every few days, then a CMS site is probably the better way to go although if the client prefers, we are happy to do these regular updates too.

At the affordable prices that we offer, many clients come to us for their first website (or first 'proper' one that they haven't built themselves), and use this time to decide on what their long term strategy is and if and when they decide they need to upgrade, we are happy to point them to a trusted colleague for their new and more advanced site and whoever they choose to go with, we do all that we can to help the move run smoothly and wish them the best of luck in their future venture.

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