India or Nottingham?

Why Choose a Nottingham Web Design Company?

There are cheaper options abroad but going local doesn't have to be expensive

In this day and age of information technology whizzing around the world in milliseconds, some have questioned the need to 'think locally' and are more and more prepared to go further afield to find what they are looking for.

This applies also to those seeking to have a website designed for their business. Naturally, in difficult economic times, it is understandable that many will look for cheaper options and will be reluctant to spend more than they need to do. This has encouraged many people to look to countries such as India and former Eastern Bloc countries to have their sites designed at a cheaper rate.

Good Idea?

Whilst it is tempting to go abroad for cheaper websites, there are potential hazards along the way; the first of these is actually quite straightforward; are they a legitimate company or will they simply take your money and you will never hear from them again? This is a real possibility and very difficult to establish.

Even presuming that you do establish that the company is legitimate, how confident are you in being able to express what you want when a different first language is spoken. With the best will in the world, this could be quite a difficult process and can result in a highly compromised site design at times.


Support can be a major problem too with different time zones and the language barrier. There is also no need to rush on their part as, with the distance involved, you are hardly likely to knock at their door if they don't do as requested.

That said, some people are undoubtedly happy with the results but it is a gamble that can potentially backfire.

Go Local

By using a Nottingham web design company though, you at least know that they are real and genuine and will be on hand in the same time zone as you should any problems occur.

Whilst email is often the preferred means of communication too, it is easy to pick up the phone or even meet in one of the many million coffee shops that are springing up in the city all the time. Sometimes it does take a face to face meeting to ensure that both client and company are on the same hymn sheet.

If you are tempted with the cheaper prices on offer in India and other countries, why not contact us first and see what we can do for you before taking that option. It may well be the best move that you have made.

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